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Raneem describes a female of angelic appearance. Her hair, by nature, is like 24 karat silk. She has pure alabaster skin, and eyes which are a stunning contrast. They are deep, dark, soulful orbs that seem all-knowing and inviting. An Raneem is steadfast to the extreme. She is a survivor of epic proportions, and is well known for her graceful endurance and positive attitude in the face of danger. An Raneem is once in a lifetime... A girl who anyone would be fortunate to know. She is the epitome of beauty and strength coexisting in one being.
Have you seen Raneem? She's amazing.
by LeonaTheUnicorn February 12, 2017
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A pretty young thang, perfection at its finest. A caring & intelligent being. Someone who takes shit from no one. The girl all the guys want. One who's simply irresistible. Her personality is unreal, with a sense of humor so wonderful you die of laughter. The girl that everyone is jealous. The girl everyone wants to be like. One with an open mind and a kind heart. Arabic name meaning "Sweet Voice." Is loved by many & cared for a ton. Raneem is a great friend. Rena always makes people laugh, and with dark hair which men find beautiful. Can be bossy sometimes but good friends love that about Raneem. Raneem is a very strong person. If anyone knows a person called Raneem, you will definitely have some amazing memories.
Raneem is beautiful
by Lilu10 June 07, 2013
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Raneem is the one person you know that's not like anyone else. She is relaxed and feisty at the same time and she is gonna stick up for you no matter what we all fall of with Raneem sometimes, but god I'm glad I know her. A random person might think she's self centred, but she really is the nicest person around.
Jeff: I think I pissed of f Raneem.
Bill: You better run boy, she gonna kick your ass.
by the lemon comunity August 05, 2018
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A Raneem is an interesting person. They love avengers, sketch all the time, and enjoy abusing salehs. when you're around a Raneem make sure to check your pockets, cause they do have the tendency to steal OR return money. Raneems have a very high annoyance level, to befriend a Raneem one must have a very high tolerance. Sliding into the dm's is one of her many hobbies . However, at the end of the day Raneems are amazing. They are always there for you when you need them, even though they lie a lot (only 'white' lies).
bob: did you hear what Raneem did yesterday?
Pablo: yeah, I heard she's serving 30 years.

2 months later...


Everyone take caution.
by iloveraneem April 24, 2019
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A human ken doll loving girl who thinks finn is ugly and is obviously blind she needs to TURN AROUND
Hey you know that blind girl
Ya raneem she is so blind
She needs to TURN AROUND
by Turnaroundjoke December 31, 2017
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