1. One who is often random
2. People who love to talk about random things
1. He's a randomist
2. All my friends are randomist
by Janne, Dian & aL December 30, 2005
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a totally awesome way of saying random, because random is too boring for some sentances.
Wow, that unicorn siting was sooo randomistic!
by ameda murdock November 28, 2010
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A Professional Randomist is someone with a wide and random assortment of skills. So random and wide that it is hard to describe their special talents and skills or a particular thing that they are good at.
Samantha knows how to do so many thing that it's hard to describe what kind of skills she has. She must be a Professional Randomist.
by ChibiAngel86 April 21, 2009
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“The randomist thing happened to my yesterday”
Alex is the randomist person I’ve ever spoke to”
by soloswife September 07, 2021
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