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home to the most narrow minded people in the planet (probably due to the milf community getting extreme botox injections) their kids follow them. the girls are slutty and stupid to get attention and the guys are dochebags who think they're hot shit. it's a big rich community neighbored to Coto de Caza where all the teenagers get BMW's and Mercedes before they even have their permit. Also home to Santa Margarita Catholic High School (most controlling "christian" school there is) and tesoro where all the chillers chill. It's quite a bubble.
Girl: OMG! My mommy is so mean! She only got me a BMW when I wanted a Bentley! Bitch be trippin'

Boy: I'm so ghetto. Fuck bitches, get money. (friends laugh) lets go be chillers.

^Typical of a conversation in Rancho Santa Margarita
by RSMrebel March 05, 2011
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A planned community which does not deserve the title "city". Legally it may be a city, but most recognize it as a suburb of Mission Viejo. Also known as "RSM" by its local starbucks-sipping tweenie bopper population.
"You're from Rancho Santa Margarita? Gee I bet that's not a planned community."

-Will Ferrell while taking a call on KROQ, a Southern California radio station
by LaChad December 07, 2007
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1. Located in Orange County, CA
2. City of a way to much posers (i should know, im friends with a few)
3. Home to child of the devil Alicia (no last name will be givin, let is suffice to say shes evil)
4. Contains the vast majority of Trabuco Hills High School students
5. Popular hangout on Friday is the local movie theater
6. Next door neighbor to Coto De Caza (not sure if the dictionary has something on them, they rich and stuck up, thats all you need to know)
Yo Dude, I heard The Devils Spawn Was Chillin In Rancho Santa Margarita
by Westside Mercy November 01, 2007
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