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A lovely girl with AMAZING beauty and a very rare heart! In your lifetime you will need a Ramshah! She is very caring and can understand anything or any of your problems. She won’t judge, she will just listen and calm you down. Ramshah’s are also very trustworthy as she will not let out any secrets. Overtime if you get used to Ramshah you will see that she may feel low sometimes as she thinks that no one really cares about her and thinks that most things are her fault which is not true. Having beef with her can make her roast you till you will actually burn so don’t mess with her. She often falls in live with boys she is very close and good friends with.Overall she is a very caring and understanding women that you don’t want to miss!💕
“Omg how does she understand all my problems and cares for me like no other person has”
“Because she is Ramshah💕”
by Alisha bukkins June 08, 2018
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Ramshah is an amazing girl! Sexy, beautiful trustworthy and a smart bitch. She’s loving, kind and very genourous. Ramshah’s can be very rude when they want (need) to be and roast you till you burn but she wouldn’t do that if she didn’t need to. Ramshahs sometimes fall in love with her close male friends and would do anything for her lover. You will never find a girl like Ramshah ever! She’s very unique and helpful and can sort out any of your problems by using her time and effort. She understands what you need to say and wouldn’t judge you for who you are or your imperfections. She does ANYTHING to make someone happy like putting herself in real danger just to make a person smile. Ramshah can plug up any situation but overall she’s truly a unique girl you wouldn’t want to miss so if you have a Ramshah do not let her go!
Person 1 “Omg who’s that friend of yours that helped me”
Person 2 “That’s my true friend Ramshah!”
by Zarah Palmer January 10, 2019
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Ramshah is honestly one of the most trustworthy person you can ever meet! She has amazing beauty and boys tend to like her, she often rejects saying she doesn’t want a relationship at that point. If you tell Ramshah a secret she would go out of her way to make sure it doesn’t leak. Ramshah is very popular amongst her friends and just generally, and is liked by lots of people! Her personality is what’s very special tho, she’s funny, kind, generous and sometimes annoying, but if you have a Ramshah in your life then don’t let her go! She is very special. Would go well with a boy named Hassan. If you have beef with Ramshah she will literally do anything to roast you till you can’t handle it and will fight you properly even though people may think she can’t fight she will actually batter you! So be careful but when she thinks it’s enough she will stop. Overall she’s wonderful and rare!
Omd she’s so beautiful and trustworthy!
Yeah i know it’s beacause she is Ramshah
by Alisha bukkins July 01, 2018
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