When you're going on the Rampage, you will lose control over your body and turn red, get sharp monster teeth and claws and go insane, Totally and Berserk!
The Battlers are masters in making a Rampage!
screaming: AAAAaaaaaaayayayayayayayaaaalllrighty then!
by Erik 'Roth' "Larn" Slegh September 11, 2004
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The phase where someone goes out and has sex with almost anybody that shows some interest in that person. Usually occurs after rejection from someone s/he is interested in or is in love with. In that phase, the person seeks either revenge for the rejection or reassurance of any sort in him/herself, be it looks, attractiveness, intelligence, sexiness, etc, etc and will usually be very very easy to pick up and take anywhere as long as anyone shows some sort of interest in him/her. Differs from a rebound in the sense that it is not one person that s/he will latch on but will seek assurance from as many people as s/he can. People on rampage will literally fuck the whole town. Traces of this continues long after s/he is over that phase.
Emmy: What's wrong with Anna? This bar sucks. Let's go to another one.
Sarah: Oh. She said she was having an intelligent conversation with that guy there.
Emmy: Intelligent conversation on what? Where to best fuck? I am sick of this rampage she's on!!
Sarah: Yeah I know she's a whore, but come on, she's been through shit.
by da pole December 4, 2009
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A vehicle made by Dodge from 1982 - 1984.. A front wheel drive vehicle based on the DOdge Omni, Dodge Charger.

Dodge Rampage also offered as a Plymouth Scamp version in 1983 Only.
by Chris Pauluk February 21, 2006
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the amber nectar, the holy grail, the promised land.......the ancient and noble art of consuming as much alcohol (preferably tennents lager) as one is able before either passing out, dying, or getting laid (not applicable to faggots).
Young James had dedicated his life to the rampage but the strain was starting to show.......
by rampagus_maximus November 1, 2003
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A 2010 movie by Director Uwe Boll that introduced us to our lord and savior Tenderville Bill.
"have your heard the gospel of Bill Everson?" He is here to save the world.
Rampage is a movie about a real hero. the hero we need.
by cancri December 24, 2018
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An elite MMORPG guild, a group of online RPG gamers playing "World of Warcraft" on the european server "Sunstrider". Created initially by Sunman in October 1995, Rampage has served under 5 guild masters since then (Thalionmell, Gildamesh, Brynn, Avarien and McButt respectively). Although millions of gamers all over the world participate in numerous guilds playing thier respective online games, Rampage strangely shines brighter despite numerous setbacks and corruption aptly coining the term "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger". This has led to the belief that while other arguably "more elite" guilds rise and fall, the story of Rampage is one of slow but steady increased stability. This is thanks to the solid core of Rampage members, who have worked to create what exists now, and in an ever evolving gaming world, Rampage continues to go from strength to strength.
"You want back into Rampage? Suprise suprise..."
"Rampage will outlive us all"
by James Boyce May 6, 2006
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It's where I'm a bit rageful; prone to rampage at any second or repeatedly. Like being pissy, only worse. Or better.
I'm totally rampageous today, you might not want to go out in public with me.
by momster gina July 18, 2010
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