Scraping crabs and/or pubic lice out of pubic hair with your teeth.
I am so tired of raking the leaves for your mom, she needs to shave that shit and get rid of the problem.
by LixxLaJoy December 6, 2006
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Sticking 4 fingers in a girls ass hole and wiggling your fingers.
I don't usually like raking leaves in the yard, but I would rake Carmen Elektra's.
by Mechanix187 February 1, 2007
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Sexual intercourse, a way to hide what you did with your girlfriend from your parents, or someone else you dont want to know.
"What did you guys do at her house?" Oh, not much mom, we were raking leaves in her backyard"

Hey man, i raking leaves with her last night, it was fun.
by nickasaur!!! November 3, 2009
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The collection of money which has almost always been earned through illegal activity.
(10 PM)
Bill; Yo Steve, what are you doing right now?

Steve; I'm out raking leaves

Bill; Isn't it a little dark to be doing yard work?

Steve; Yard work! I'm out collecting money that the gamblers lost last weekend on the football games.
by gamisiking July 10, 2016
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