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Pepe; "Hey John?"

John: "What's up Pepe?"

(Pepe is urinating behind a tree on the golf course)

Pepe; "Come over here and check out Yul Brynner with a turtleneck!"
by gamisiking August 7, 2016
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Someone who has it all, looks, personality, intelligence, creativity, multi talented, is good at "it."
Bill; "Why you hang so much wit Andrea?"

Stephen; "She got it all man, she's the Total Package!"

Bill; "True dat!"
by gamisiking July 1, 2016
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A bulging pouch of skin that starts at the bottom of the stomach and ends at the top of the vajayjay. It bulges further out from top to bottom and peaks in the center. Picture slicing a world globe in half and placing it below the stomach.
Steve: Hey Bill, think you could find that girls vajayjay?

Bill: I'd have to look under her puss fat for sure. That vajayjay hasn't seen daylight since Christ was a baby.
by gamisiking July 10, 2016
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The collection of money which has almost always been earned through illegal activity.
(10 PM)
Bill; Yo Steve, what are you doing right now?

Steve; I'm out raking leaves

Bill; Isn't it a little dark to be doing yard work?

Steve; Yard work! I'm out collecting money that the gamblers lost last weekend on the football games.
by gamisiking July 10, 2016
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Said by the man who shows up to collect money from you.
Bill; I had to pay Carmen today. He stopped by to pick up his money.

Steve; Did he say "grease me" when you opened the door?

Bill; He always says that when I gotta pay him.
by gamisiking July 10, 2016
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