raket (also racket): adj. very over the top behavior, rediculous, potentially obnoxious, but most always with a positive overtone. (i.e. can never be used as a true insult, but is not always a compliment). Frequently, the context of its use gives its meaning. It is also a word that evokes humor through a mocking nature. It suggests an edge that is being borderd between rediculous and cool.

Origin: from racket as in a loud and distressing noise. (def. from the American Heritage Dictionary)
First used at the San Francisco School of the Arts in the mid 2000s, its use has been noted in many other San Francisco High Schools and Colleges. Additionally, the word's use spread quickly around the country but is still an essentially Bay Area word.

NOTE 1: differentiated from racket by being an adj. (i.e. no use of 'a' before raket)

NOTE 2: As soon as a trend becomes the norm it is no longer raket.
1. Honestly, driving in a white convertable with a white suit is raket, just no, okay?
by Coie P.T. March 31, 2010
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One of the best friends you will ever meet in your life. 2) Getting fucked hard by a Giovanni or Geo.
1) "Damn bro, you're a Raketed friend". 2) "Fucked you hard bitch".
by Fyries August 14, 2009
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