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A beautiful girl who is the most caring, selfless girl you have ever seen! most Rainnas are scorpios in other words born at the end of october and early to mild november. Here is a warning for you, NEVER mess with a Rainnas friend, if you do you're on your own. One bad thing about a Rainna is they are very insecure and are very emotional they hide their emotions, i might not be right but I kniw a Rainna and she cuts so look out for long sleeves but other then that they are amazing friends!
Woah Look at her that girl has to be a Rainna
by RayleeCarter May 08, 2015
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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a fat whore who can’t keep her mouth shut. normally a rainna looks nice but she’s a rude stupid bitch. rainnas are usually really fat and ugly. rainnas like to make others feel bad because they know that they are so fucking fat that they will be mistaken as pregnant, rainnas are hoes and people don’t know why rainnas get guy but rainnas do. most rainnas are have a big belly bc most of it is fat and a fetus baby.
did you see rainna she’s so fat
by babybluechickens June 20, 2018
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A white person, like a very white person doesn't stay inside a lot put is just so pale
Person 1- Omg that person is so pale and they have been outside all day
Person 2- yeah she is a Rainna
by James buntly February 23, 2019
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