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A very uncommon name, people that have this name tend to have parents that were hippies in their own youth. People named Rainn are usually BAMF's and kick a lot of names and take a lot of ass. They also tend to be musicians with rocking long hair. They also tend to be very impatient and rude. But they are easily forgiven because of their adorable smile and enchanting eyes. Rainn's are just great.
George: Rainn gave me his last egg roll during lunch. Everyone knows Rainn loves egg rolls... what a saint.

John: Rainn is the nicest guy, his hair is so gorgeous.

Richard: He bought me soup and the complete first three seasons of The Office on DVD when I was in the hospital.

Paul: He let me borrow his guitar when mine broke.
by Monolith-0125 February 24, 2012
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