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The type of atheist who is offended by religious fundamentalists, whilst simultaneously displaying the exact traits he or she claims to find offensive in them (generally included, but not limited to, arrogance, bigotry, myopia, and a tendency towards circular logic, sanctimony, and melodrama.)

Radical atheists blame war, sexism, cancer, tornadoes, and George Lucas on religion, and, while vocally mocking personages held sacred by others, will attack blindly if Richard Dawkins is treated with anything other than blind and reverential worship. You can, indeed, not talk about 'The Dawk' without inciting a flame war, or as radical atheists call them "Crusades."

A common misconception is that all Raging Atheists tend to be high school/early college students who've just heard about Richard Dawkins for the first time. While this is a common specimen, just as many are middle-aged hipsters who, having been raised in a strictly religious household, began rebelling and ended up as the mirror (and equally annoying) image of their fundamentalist parents.

Rabid atheists roam the plains of Reddit and YouTube looking to take offense and clench their buttholes in self-righteous indignation. No one is certain of their exact numbers as individual pack members have been known to host a number of accounts; some of which they use to agree with themselves and some of which, posing as fundamentalists, they use to posit straw-man arguments.
Some Raging Atheist named Pastafarian4Dawkinz just approached me on YouTube and asked if I wanted a PDF of The Blind Watchmaker.
by bruceford February 15, 2013
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An atheist taking things to their logical conclusion. Believes in logic and follows the teachings of Richard Dawkins, while being more aggressive. Cannot stand religious proselytism and will blow off at religious zealots trying to preach to him. Tends to become overtly provocative, especially when it comes to creationism, for the sheer pleasure of shocking religious prudes.
Listen man, I am a raging atheist, you don't want to discuss creationism with me. Trust me.

John is a raging atheist, he told me god does not exist and that we are related to apes. I was so shocked by his narrow-mindedness that I left right away.
by arnom September 13, 2009
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