Forum filled with mansechs. One big sausage fest with 2 maybe 3 girl members.
Justin Credible is so cool everyone at r3d wants to be his friend and all the girl members want to ride his pen0s.
by Netch July 16, 2004
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A website about ATI Products with full of computer nerds on the forums talking about goatse all day. They also have bad grammar.
Said53: one tank in hole my life I never playd game likey this
by nooby March 11, 2004
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Where people put Radeon and sausagefest to the next level.
A girl posting at r3d, is like dropping a bucket of blood into a shark tank
by Shintaro Go July 21, 2004
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A internet language learning school. A place where people meet and learn internetish. They also talks about video cards once in a decade.
Said53: ***** yare you a crack man?

KickAssCop: if my granma had testicles, she would be my grandpa

gts007: Gorgeous white girls everywhere with that "I'M SOOO HOT AND YOU CAN'T HAVE ME" bullsh** attitude

Crawdaddy79: I killed you ten times with my knife and you killed me 13 times with a gun so I pwned you!
by CHIPS December 19, 2004
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A computer forum with lots of at info : )
one day i went to rade3d and now i hate nvidia
by 311Sam April 6, 2004
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a form where all are ruled under the iron fist of James.....
Be good or get Crivellowned!!!
by Bass July 19, 2004
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