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1. A ball made up of old rags to play football with, created by working class folk who couldn't afford a real leather ball.

2. A person who is drunk, is going to get drunk, who is blind drunk or is basically asleep on the floor drunk.

3.Been forced to do something/someone you don't want to.

4. Someone who does something amazing, stupid or embarassing.
1. Do ya fancy a game of halves, grab that there Ragball.

2. Jim Carey been drinking all weekend, he's Ragball!!

3. 'Me boss is making me do a load of overtime bud'. Ah Jaysus that's Ragball.

4. The boyz slaughtered about 4 bootle of Jagermeister this morning....... Ragball!!
by The celt September 03, 2009
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Originates from the railways in the 60s.

Anyone (us. male) can be "Ragballs" or "Rags".
'ow's it goin' ragballs?!

'ow's your dick'n'balls?
fit for suckin' 'ows your mouth?
by Solar August 16, 2004
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