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Rafsan is a super hot and intelligent boy that all the girls want. He is friends with everyone and is super rich
Look! It's Rafsan
by benissuchatypicalwhitename August 15, 2018
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Good at art and creative messes about and chills with and people in school, wants to mess about because his friends do, likes to buy expensive stuff and has a lot of money at all times but he will not buy things for his friends.
A friend: buy me this because you got money
A person like Rafsan: no use your own money this is my money!
by Annnnnnnooooooommmyns February 07, 2017
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Known for his miraculous blow jobs. When you see him on road I suggest you stay away because he has the urge to grab your cock and have a little fiddle with your balls hoping you will do the same back. His hobby is twerking for underage boys especially Sri lankan and mongolian boys
Person 1: "yo is that rafsan!?"
Person 2 : *runs away*
Person 3 : "bro let's dip he's a cock destroyer"
by nipnip4000 August 04, 2019
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