A virgin. If you're a Radiohead fan you'll probably never lose your virginity.
*preparing for sex*
Person 1: "You're not a Radiohead fan right?"
Person 2: "Uhh yes, is there something wrong with that?"
Person 1: *leaves room*
by dilmour May 19, 2021
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a. A social outcast suffering from depression. Has no friends because they can't get along with others. Most likely an Introverted person. Basically a paranoid android who wishes to disappear completely.
b. The pretentious music guy. His hobby is criticizing people because "their taste in music is trash" and therefore he is superior than others. Oh, and he's the #1 hater of Pablo Honey.
a. That lonely guy is a huge Radiohead fan.

b. Watch out for that Radiohead fan. He's going to judge you for your music taste.
by guywhosuckatlife March 5, 2022
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Most amazing, perfect, funny, beautiful person ever to appear in this universe.
Ayo did you hear that chick Evelyn is a Radiohead fan? Makes sense doesn’t it. She’s the best bro.”
by Vamp101forlifeeee December 18, 2021
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