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A more convenient unit of angle than the degree because it simplifies a number of formulas in higher math—it is the angle that subtends an arc length that is equal to the radius of a circle.
The use of radians gets rid of some “unwanted” factor like π/180—for example, if θ is in radians, a circular arc of angular width θ subtends an arc length given by s = rθ; but if θ is in degrees, the corresponding formula is s = πrθ/180.
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by MathPlus April 20, 2018
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a unit used to measure angles. 1 radian is the angle in a unit circle where the radius is equal to the arc. since pi radians=180 degrees, radians are usually expressed in terms of pi.
This angle measures pi/2 radians(90 degrees).
by 5'1"Racer June 05, 2005
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by TheRealHunter March 07, 2016
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