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A term used when things are incredibly awkward.(when it is said, one should use one hand and pretend to chop their way up their arm, like using a knife.)

This started as a reference to the Japanese horror film Suicide Club (also known as Suicide Circle), in one scene where a girl walks over to her mother and asks for candy she saw advertised on television. Her mother says it's okay, while chopping a daikon raddish for dinner, though, she also is slowly chopping off her fingers and on up her arm. When the girl returns to her father, she says "Mommy's funny" resulting in a truly awkward scene.
*any time you hear one of those awkward lines out of nowhere in public, ie. "OMG THOSE BALLS ARE HUGE!!!", even though in reference to actual balls(not testicles), one should turn to their friends who overheard and yell "RADDISH!!!" and do the chopping motion on their arm.
by DespicableNny February 23, 2011
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