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Proficiently smoking a cigarette, specifically a Lucky Strike, until it's reached it's full potential. Succeeding in doing so may result in finger discomfort and/or blisters.
That girl is so badass! She was just racheling that cigarette!
by The Racheler November 20, 2010
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1. The act of bullshitting. Racheling is the ability of making one look alert and attentive during meetings when in fact they are either not paying attention or bored out of their mind. A person who has successfully mastered the art of Racheling appears to show up to meetings prepared with assignments "completed," and can chime in with valid and relevant comments that makes them sound well versed in the subject being covered.

2. The act of "reading" a book or article without actually reading it. Racheling lasts no more than five minutes, and consists of marking pages of a book with sticky notes to identify important pages. Racheling is also the act of highlighting and underlining words and phrases in the book or article. In order to make the book or article appear to have really been well read, and read multiple times, pages are often bent or crumpled just a little.
1. "Geez, Dustin really knows his stuff."

"Not really, he's just racheling."

2. The meeting is in 5 minutes?!? I better get to racheling this book.

3. "Wow, Jared really went over and beyond for this meeting. Just look at his book!"

"No, he's just really good at racheling."
by camco August 21, 2014
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to act like rachel berry from the tv series glee, i.e, a bitch who is talented, but dresses horribly. underneath this lies a pretty girl who is talented and could be nice if she stopped acting like a controlling psychopath.
that outfit shows symptoms of rachel-ing... i think i vomited a bit from thinking about it. and then again when i saw it.
by axchangelove October 23, 2010
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