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Read The Fucking Wiki.
Acronym used by irate developers after having documented work on a company Wiki and then being directly asked questions regarding that documented work.
Acronym received by time pressed manager seeking direct help from developer in an attempt to avoid spending time trawling through a spaghetti Wiki for a one liner which said developer knows back to front having written it.
16:32 Manager: Can you help me with this report query.
16:33 Manager: I want to restrict it to only return me only names and not transactions.
16:34 Developer: RTFW
16:35 Manager: Thanks
16:36 Developer: Is that 'thanks for nothing' ;)
16:36 Manager: Thanks for nothing then.
by WikiAngerManagement March 08, 2006
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Read The Fucking/Friendly/Fantastic Web. ( Past Tense )

Used as a reply to people who ask you to STFW.
a: how can I has coloured links?
b: zomfg, STFW!
a: STFU dick, I've RTFW.
by kfredric August 04, 2007
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Read the Fucking Walkthrough; RTFW is an other way of saying RTFM
by Me April 09, 2003
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