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person 1: Ya'll drankin' on somin' 2nite?
person 2: Shol is.
by Buddah May 06, 2003
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pronunciation: S-hole

1. abbreviation: Subtle Hint of Lesbianism

2. plural: SHOLs (Subtle Hints of Lesbianism)


After observing several Korean pop music videos that have been released in the past year (2009), it was determined that many videos involving female pop stars contained subtle hints of lesbianism. These subtle hints of lesbianism were so frequent that they were referred to by the acronym SHOL. It is believed by some that these SHOLs have begun a new trend in Korean music videos that will eventually lead to more provocative and more risque videos.

1. "That music video had a lot of SHOLs in it. The girls were dancing a little too close to each other."

2. "Steph dropped an SHOL by getting her face really close to Katie's."

3. "She should stop writing SHOLs in her Facebook status."
by Gamspier February 07, 2010
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