Things that are really hyped up but are then gigantic failures, so much so that its funny. E.g. The great leap forward, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, The Rockies in the world series.
During the great leap forward the communes claimed to be producing surplus amounts of food when actually they were producing much less, resulting in a famine which killed enough people to compare to the holocaust. ROFL MAO!
by Bootsy Colins October 28, 2007
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rolling on floor, laughing my ass off! comes from the words rofl and lmao
in msn
jo: i saw this funny ass person on the floor
Billy: roflmao
by k-leigh May 10, 2008
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Beyond funny, when something is so funny that you laugh out loud whi;e rolling around on the floor.
by Blittzer May 01, 2007
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Rolling on floor laughing my a** off =)
BY:Addy not andrew LMAO=laughing my a** off hahahahaha
Wow you fall for it every time ROflmao
no i dont
yes u do Roflmao
by PLaddyisRaddy April 25, 2008
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For use as word, not typed, pronounced ' Roffle-May-Oh', use in speech. Effect is lost in text conversations. Mocking tone, use is ironic, allusions to those who use 'ROFLMAO' literally, as this is not cool.

1a. Something that is not funny AT ALL.

1b. Butting into another's conversation to mock them, when they are having a conversation about something they think is hilarious but is in fact, not funny AT ALL.
1a. Cool Person A: Why did the chicken cross the road? TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE!!!
Cool Person B: Er... ROFLMAO.

1b. Geek A: I saw a totally RANDOM squirrell!
Geek B: OH MY GOD!
(Both GEEKS laugh)
Cool Person: (butting in) OH MY GOD ROFLMAO!
by 118robotrobot November 03, 2007
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Combination of ROFL and LMAO i.e Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Out
That stupid joke made me ROFLMAO
by godgamer April 24, 2010
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