stands for random number generator. In gamer terms its generally a enemy or boss with random ass attacks, and is sometimes really annoying.
FUNKe's upload schedule is totally R.N.G.
by mushotgun June 10, 2020
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Random Number Generator, a.k.a your chance or luck
This can either be great or horrible, depending on the situation
Person 1: This is the most accurate gun in the game (misses) ok, bad luck lets go again (misses again) come on now (misses again) WHAT THE FUCK? MY RNG SUCKS
Person 2: lol I have one of the most inaccurate guns ever (hits and kills target) WTF? Guess I got good RNG today
Person 1 (misses 7th shot now, gets spotted and dies) FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, WHAT THE FUCK?
Person 2: (kills 5 more people from long range) Wow, I'm great today
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by Grinchblitzkreig May 16, 2020
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The leetest crew reppin' the 714. Straight up from a-town, RNG keeps it real 24/7 fa sho. Really Nice Guys, dont front with us, ya heard? We aint ur average joes, we're straight up bros, poker pros, pimpin them hoes.
Damn nikka, ya'll see RNG today, theys straight up crazy.
by RNG October 25, 2004
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A Badass persay. He drives a Chevy Blazer named lucy and he can rock your world and then some. One person you dont want to mess with. He makes an amazing boyfriend, but he is taken by Tricia and thats not changing ; pretty much everyone wants to be him.
If you have these initials, you are probably the closest to being this cool.

"Look who's trying to be an RNG."


by tricia:) August 17, 2008
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RNG是一个非常秘密的社会,我原本应该是e 间谍组小组g g G
RNG is watching
by Anonymous do not reply December 03, 2018
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