Acronym for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, a rock/pop-punk/screamo band from Jacksonville, Florida, who are signed to Virgin Records.

Band members:
Ronnie Winter - vocals;
Duke Kitchens - guitar, piano, vocals;
Elias Reidy - guitar, vocals;
Joey Westwood - bass guitar, vocals;
and Jon Wilkes - drums, vocals.
Face Down and Guardian Angle are examples of songs by RJA. Great band.
by gunsgoBANGbaby November 25, 2006
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These are fans of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, a band from Jacksonville Florida that recently got signed to Virgin Records. The band members include Ronnie (vocals), Duke (guitar, piano, & back up vocals), Elias (guitar and back up vocals), Joey (bass guitar and back up vocals), and John (drums and back up voclas).The fans I am describing are the ones usually from Jacksonville and have seemed to all developed some kind of relationship with the band members due to the band's great people skills and outgoing rep.. RJA fans usually are proud to be a fan and have atleast 10 pictures with atleast 1 band member. These fans from Jax. tend to favor Elias or Joey because they are the most goofy out of all the band members. RJA fans based in JAx are usually the ones who will do anything to support the band from posting bulletins on myspace, to traveling to numerous out of town shows. These fans have seemed to create their own little world that revolves around The RJA.
"Like omg Elias You Kick ass!"
"Hey Ronnie, remember that time we did that thing at that place.. yea I was like totally there."
"I totally have RJA tattooed on my..."
"I'm so going to your show with The Starting Line in Orlando in March!!"
"I love you!"
- RJA FAns would say these
by Fascinated Bystander January 9, 2006
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