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the way to draw an emo/scene type person, or just one with hair over their eye on an IM server
the way to draw a person with hair over their eye on an IM server is (- \\).
by gunsgoBANGbaby November 11, 2006
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3 definitions...
1. A radio station located in Boston
2. As A Friend
3. Alient Ant farm
1. man! i just been listening to AAF. im happy now!
2. i like you AAF
3. AAF rock my socks, but no one else listens to them =
by gunsgoBANGbaby November 20, 2006
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Acronym for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, a rock/pop-punk/screamo band from Jacksonville, Florida, who are signed to Virgin Records.

Band members:
Ronnie Winter - vocals;
Duke Kitchens - guitar, piano, vocals;
Elias Reidy - guitar, vocals;
Joey Westwood - bass guitar, vocals;
and Jon Wilkes - drums, vocals.
Face Down and Guardian Angle are examples of songs by RJA. Great band.
by gunsgoBANGbaby November 25, 2006
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