A Punk, Emo, Screamo, not so much Rock, but all-in-all you could call it a Scene band that has powerful, emotional, incredible and meaningful lyrics to every one of their songs.
They have two albums;
"The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus" came out in 2004
"Don't Fake It" which came out in 2006.
I recommend both of them, as many other people do also.
Guardian Angel, and Face Down (The Acoustic Version for Face Down is less screamo and easier to understand the lyrics) are not only two songs that are by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus but are also very good examples of what they are about. They have strong lyrics, and really make you think about what you're listening to.
A must-listen-to Band. They are awesome.
by Lauren Hultman February 21, 2008
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The best band of the pop punk/rock/screamo genre to emerge in 2006. Amazing debut album, Don't You Fake. Inspiring, life-shaping songs that most teenagers connect with on a deep level.
Extremely talented at such a young age and definitely going far in their careers. Original sound and lyrics; high energy guitars.

Band Members include: Ronnie Winter {lead vocals}
Elias Reidy {lead guitar, backup vocals}
Duke Kitchens {guitar, piano, backup vocals}
Joey Westwood {bass, backup vocals}
Jon Wilkes {drums, backup vocals}

Them being absolutely beautiful is a well appreciated plus to the awesome music they produce.
I suggest that you do not underestimate them.
"I think there's something we can share, that's completely new. We'll be here til the end..." -The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus even said it themselves.
by Tess C. July 30, 2006
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The best thing that you could ever listen to. It is orgasmic music that only few can live through after listening to.
I lived after listening to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus!!
by Duckie D June 10, 2008
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