When a male student in college, high school, middle school, hell even elementary school is sitting in class and for no apparent reason, they get hard wood.

Often occurs in the most boring class of the day. It also always seems to occur right before the end of class, so you look awkward as fuck with your hands in your pockets if you don't have an object to conceal it.
Guy 1: Hey did you see that bro over there adjusting his pants with his hands in his pockets when class ended?

Guy 2: Yea I slipped him my notebook to cover his RCB
by Con#1 July 6, 2012
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Its a team which has signed a contract with all of their fans in which their body organs are owned by the team management, mostly hearts and kidneys. According to the contract, management gives payback to the fans in the form of failure in every season.
They have a totka mantr "ee sala cup namde", which they chant at the beginning of season and by the end of the season it becomes "next sala cup namde".
RCB is the personification of choking and failure.
A: You are RCB.
B: What?
A: I mean you are a failure.
by Koi Mil gya .... April 24, 2021
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Acronym for "Random Class Boner".

The often embarrassing occurrence, of a prepubescent male being afflicted with a spontaneous, uncontrollable erection.

Applies strictly to classroom situations, but has been adapted by social decree, to be used to describe any embarrassing erection regardless of setting.
Aww man. Double geography with Ms. Webster. Gonna be getting serious RCB's now for the next 80 minutes.
by Fuck Offcunt May 14, 2011
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Real Crazy Bastard

Somebody who leads a hedonistic lifestyle and doesn't care about consequences.
RCB = Real Crazy Bastard

Some famous RCB's include:
Amy Winehouse
Pete Doherty
Steve Coogan
Russell Brand
Curt Cobain
by Genuine RCB May 26, 2009
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A joke of a franchise who keep raising their fans' hopes every year with the moronic "Ee saala cup namde" tag but keep putting up terrible performances. Fans of this meme team wish their idol ViRaT kOhLi could be as good a captain as legend Rohit Sharma who has 5 IPL titles as leader, and their dream is to support a team that doesn't have to be rescuesd by their superman AB de Villiers to look good.
Fans: Ee Saala Cup Namde!
RCB: Keep dreaming bub
by eE sAaLA cUp NaMDe November 17, 2020
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RCB is a Indian premier league team which starts by fooling their fans with tag line " E sala cup nammaa de " and ends up with their captain koolies meme at the end of the season remaining at the last raw in point table .
Sam : hey, are you chutiya ?
Dany : no, i am RCB fan " ee sala cup namma de "
by Squirrel_Soul April 8, 2021
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Rcb is a Royal Gandu franchise which can't win trophies it wins only hearts, It gets fked by Csk & Mi everytime even lose to minnows like KXIP, They can never win trophy, And their Fans shamelessly Say that they are the most loyal fan base just bcoz they are fans of RCB
News - RCB aka Royal gandu franchise was fked by Csk yesterday
The fact that They were fked by Mi in the previous match is notable
by Loyal RCB fan May 31, 2021
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