1) RAWK is used to express joy, as in a rallying cry. 2) It can also mean congratulations.

RAWK is the slang spelling of ROCK, originally used by metal fans.

Quite often, it's used to parody (and self-parody) the hard-core fan.

RAWKSOME! (Rocks+Awesome)
rawks my sawks!
rawkus! (used like awesome)
rawkfist ("rock fist" - forefinger and pinky straight up and your other fingers down, with your thumb over them)
by Richard Allan Cooper July 4, 2005
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A sarcastic replacement for the word "rock", especially used by veteran fans of a rock genre to describe younger fans who've joined solely for the purpose of being trendy. It's also used in the form "rawker" to describe a person.
1)Hey, dude, your little sister really seems to be quite fond of hardcore rawk acts like *NSYNC. 2)As we drove past the high school, we turned down our Dead Kennedys album, so as not to give the punk rakers gathered there any ideas.
by Poochoo August 23, 2003
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Rawk rawk, I'm an albatross, rawk!
by Zi October 3, 2004
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rawks slang for rocks
Damen: Britney Spears rawks
Kasper: No she doesnt, pull together dude!
by VowOfSilence April 25, 2005
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The idiots way of spelling rock...often used in scentances as follows...
LyKe oH mY gAwD thAt NeW aVriL lAviGnE sOwNg Iz SoOh kEwL iT tOTaLy rAwkS!
by Tay March 31, 2003
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An alternative spelling of the word Rock, frequently used to refer to alternative music. Rock, in it's original form, is used more often to refer to classic rock 'n' roll acts such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and The Who.

Rawk usually used to refer to bands like Skillet, Family Force 5, and Hawk Nelson.

It is also the way Thousand Foot Krutch spells it in the song Rawkfist.
The Anberlin concert is so going to rawk!

I listen to rawk and I'm proud of it!
by xRevolution09x August 29, 2009
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alternate spelling of "rock", which is to say that something rocks.
"didja go to that show last weekend?"
"yeah, it f***'in rawked!"
by nate January 19, 2005
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