An alpha male archtype; a man possessing a combination of brilliant intelect, wit, greek god looks, ambition, drive, a commanding dominant personality, very large genitals and an instatiable sexual appetite
Deep down in the parts of their minds they don't want to admit to themselves every woman wants to be possessed by a RADMAN
by RADMAN February 3, 2004
RadMaN is the best Jedi Knight Academy Player in the world. He pwns and all that.
by Teh Raddy! April 25, 2005
1.) In general, a person thought of as a stooge; a poser; a tool.

2.) A stooge; a poser; a tool possessing a combination of shoes, pants, shirts, socks, underwear, a computer, very large ego, an instatiable ability to misspell insatiable, and create run-on sentences.
Deep down in the parts of their minds that, um... yeah, whatever, lost train of thought apparently. Every woman knows that RADMAN is teh poser.
RADMAN is a real tool.
by RADMAN's Mom March 9, 2005
A blonde fuckboy who dresses nice for no reason he also acts gay all the time. He will lead girls on even though he has no intention of dating them. At first he may seem like a sweet and innocent guy but his biggest dickhead ever.
Person 1: why is that person all dressed up in Walmart

Person 2: oh his just a radman
by Theinsaneweirdo October 8, 2019
1. Someone whos eliteness precedes her. Always female, but usually also has a penis.

2. A hawt ass mofo who most anyone would have sex with.

3. A forum spamming fookar!

2. Hello, what a Radman you are!

3. Man, all this crap on the forums... must be the work of Radman!
by RADMAN\'S SECHS PARTNER April 27, 2005
Your BOKON who doesn't care what you read about your name in Urbandictionary. Also has sex with your mom on a regular basis and plays japanese hentai videogames with your sister .
Soheil : Hey Radman , have you seen my name in urbandictionary ? It says im cool and determi...
Radman : nah man i gotta go i have an emergancy . *hangs*

*Slaps soheils moms butt* this bad boys can fit so many Radmans in it.
by Radiii August 16, 2018
Radman is a boy with no penis. He is very salty. His favorite phrase is " I don't care" and "Cut it Off "or His favorite burns are "Your mom" and " Shut up".
Radman had a bag of salty for breakfast.
by Deez Nuts Hog Rider February 6, 2017