1. Name of a star which can be seen at the end of the summer with naked eyes.

2. A sexy handsome guy.
by aa_bb July 21, 2010
The act of throwing a woman into convulsions of multiple organisms that throws her into another dimension of pleasure, where the concept of time ceases to exist, and this act only takes one thrust of the uncircumcised male genitalia.

This act may only be performed by a specific male:

A very intelligent doctor, with style, swag, and Who very essence is naturally an aphrodisiac.

Women of all legal age want this man, and any man who aspires to be legendary wants to be him.
I totally pulled off a Dirty Soheil last night and now the whole female race wants a piece of the action.
by Chrark War Chunk April 23, 2020
Demanding to pay infinitely less than what is expected.
You got a $500 apartment for $100 bucks? OH HELLLLL NOOO!! That's Soheil dirt cheap!
by PitsPitsPits June 9, 2009
An Iranian-American singer-songwriter that writes rad music at soheill.com
Follow Soheill on socials @soheillmusic
by HaleCreations October 19, 2020