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1. Name of a star which can be seen at the end of the summer with naked eyes.

2. A sexy handsome guy.
by aa_bb July 21, 2010
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Soheil also called sohellieeee pronoucned Sugh-Hail-Eeeee. He's a yung G that will forever be a midget compared to everyone else. He is meme lord as all short people tend to be and of course he loves Boob enhancing pills because yes he is a trans that also dreams of becoming a hype beast. He needs 2 discord accounts because his voice is TOO POWERFULL IT NEEDS ITS OWN GOD DAMN ACCOUNT. He is a weeb but don't worry weebs are best unless your called Arian and best type of weeb is of course those that names start with S.
This person called soheil "remember cant use she or he they'll get offended" i talked to earlier was meme lord.
by GreatLadMad October 06, 2019
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often very desperate for women. the type of person to ask a chick to put a tampon on in front of him. the type of person to turn down a bj. funny. but reminds me too much of gandhi.
soheil is actually desperate for his mum
by gandhi is daddy October 27, 2017
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