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The "R.Shogan" is short for the Royal
Shogan, based on 2 words previously defined, where the Rogan is the "perfect or aptly named royal grogan", while the Shogan is the "shithouse grogan" which
doesnt get accepted by the crapper.

Now before you start saying, This
is a Paradox, you've gone nuts, i submit to you the following arguement: A grogan can be so perfect, so outstanding in size and granduer, that the dunny can't actually handle it, and thus treats it as a Shogan. Hence the much awaited term R.Shogan.
For this example I quote from Chapter 4 subsection (c) of the Grogan Enterprises constitution:

"He said to me 'Darryl', and I said 'Yes, Able Seaman Constipato', and he said 'I used to be able to crap so well that I could predict the manner in which the stools would both leave my bowels and enter the dunny. In fact, I got so practiced that I began creating challenges for myself by standing at various heights above the dunny and plying my trade from there. However, on one occasion my nugget was so perfectly rounded, and it entered the dunny at exactly the correct angle, that it in fact created a vacuum and sent, with considerable force, the nuggest flying straight back up my arse'.

I it thus that the R.Shogan had its beginnings, perhaps not in words,
but at least in history."
by Boon September 08, 2004
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