1/4 of a 2mg bar of xanax, a quater bar, or qweeb.
Yo, let me cop that qweeb before the party so I can get a little more loosey goosey
by Timothy Gregory XXI February 7, 2017
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Someone who is a queer but also a weeb
Michael your a qweeb
by HK x Prime March 22, 2019
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A person who loves being anally gaped.

Someone who scalps items for profit knowing that what they are doing is what scum does.
That fag scalper is such a qweeb.
by Xylophobia December 21, 2020
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someone who sucks farts out of dead chickens
ew, look at his teeth, he must be a qweeb!
by lilniggletXXX December 5, 2009
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one who gnaws the enamel off of toilet seats;
one who evidences the pathology known as pica and will require further discrimination training between edible and nonedible items.
I say, Cletus, chaps like them qweeb sandhillers yonder really make me proud to call this place home.

variant: George Bush is such a huge qweeb.
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1. A person who loves his or her butthole stretched open. As wide as a official sized football.

2. A faggot scalper.
That scalper is such a qweeb.

Only qweebs say scalpaphobia and man child.
by Xylophobia December 21, 2020
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