Drinking at home or in a tame environment in a chill mode, without the intent to party.
We should definitely have a couple of quiet ones tonight man.

by Jack Lame November 17, 2015
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Quiet one, when a naive human decides, I'll have a few beers tonight, within the hour they are off there rocker to pissed to remember there own name. 'A quiet one they said'.
'A quiet one they said'
by Milneooo February 22, 2014
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A phrase used to describe how quiet people are into extremely weird, niche or erotic things.
“Hey did you hear? Mary is into BDSM!”
“It’s always the quiet ones.”

“My favourite anime is Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou!”
“It’s always the quiet ones.”
by UhohitstheGermanEmpire April 15, 2021
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when you take a break from something or stay home.
"Eugene you wanna go out tonight" " no I'm gonna stay home and taking a quiet one"
by a slice of bread February 25, 2012
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"We are the Quiet Ones" is a tattoo that One Direction member Liam Payne got around 2016-2017. Ziamie's believes that Liam got this tattoo in honor of Zayn and his relationship. On more than one occasion, he refers to them as "the quiet ones" stating that he and Zayn have always been the shyest and quietest of the group. (At the start)

"Me and Zayn were actually really QUIET when we came into the band but now you can't shut us up!" - Liam Payne in the German-Swiss interview in 2012. (2-3 days after the iTunes festival, where they were rumored to have become official>)
Me: Did you see that new tattoo Liam got? It's sick!
(Y/N): He got a new tattoo? What is it?
Me: The words "We are The Quiet Ones." And guess what?
(Y/N): What?
Me: Ziam's real. He totally got it for Zayn.
by Not_Your_Average_Joe June 3, 2021
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When you are sitting around with a small group of people drinking in silence and reflecting why you are so lame not to be taking.
Me and my friends were throwing back a few quiet ones yesterday because we are lame and have no life.
by Alegra21412356 November 22, 2009
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The ones the noisy ones with machetes, swords, guns, or grenades want people to watch.
While you're watching your quiet ones across the street, the noisy ones are creeping up behind you on the side of the street you're on with a machete, sword, or gun ready to cut, stab, slice, or shoot the next one that tries to call them a bitch, even if most people don't take them seriously or seem to notice them.
by The Original Agahnim November 11, 2021
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