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A quick drink is a term and or phrase used by the general public associated with going with your friends for an alcoholic beverage for a short period of time.

It was also a phrase used excessively in Malta in the summer of 2009. Shaimil Patel also came up with this phrase as he had to have a quick drink because his parents would want him home asap.
Shaimil "oi jaymish"
Jaymish " sham whats up"
Shaimil "do u want to go for a quik quick drink down the cricketers"
Jaymish "But how quick will it be, ill ring p-dog"
Shaimil "it needs to be quick, as quick and as light as a black man's fingers"
P-dog enters conversation
P-dog "how quick r u sham on a scale of 1 to 10"
by Master of lines April 05, 2010
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