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Various definitions and meanings namely; to be anxious, annoyed, upset, worried, on the verge of breaking etc. Many people use this word to express their general feelings when minor life challenges are presented before them for example; Chrissy was making the bed but the sheet wouldn't wrap around one of the corners. Chrissy was getting hot and bothered trying to get the sheet on but it was no use - she punched the pillow in anger ; Chrissy is a quepper.
'Susan was anxiously waiting by the phone for an important phone call - Susan was quepping',
'A motorist was ducking and weaving in and out of traffic beeping the horn and waving their hands out of the window - the driver was quepping',
'The kettle was filled too high, at boiling point, water was overflowing and shaking violently - the kettle was quepping',
'Two men were up a ladder holding an extremely expensive chandelier. They dropped it and it smashed into 1000 pieces - the men; were quepping',
Verb - Quep
Noun - Quepper
by Webby 86(2) October 03, 2017