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A follower, subscriber, or in any form a part of the "LeafyisHere" community, typically comprising of 12 year old kids before their tastes in humor or content has yet to develop. Queafers operate in an almost hive-mind mentality, requiring little individual brain power to think for themselves and instead only regurgitate the shit they ate up form their LeafyisQueer overlord like pesky flies, and then puke it everywhere. Their simplistic compositions have proven an amazing evolutionary adaptation to a lack of intelligence, with the only stimuli their mental processes required for entertainment are key words like, "lichrally," "fucking," and a one-sentence "joke" about getting something in the mail so as not to overwhelm them having to process too many words. He is a hero to his people, teaching them slowly and through repetition how to comprehend words stringed together to form a sentence and unlock the secrets to the most epic joke of all time: a pokemon in the mail. It is for these reasons and more that a Queafer will give it's meaningless wasted life to defend the honor of her majesty.
I'm lichrally a fucking queafer.
by NyanFlore February 09, 2017
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