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A City in the Antelope Valley, Were all the Rich people of the AV Live when there not really rich, Most people there just live in a new house and look down to the people on "the east side" and live in neighborhoods like The Estates, Bluesky, Sunset Point, Gowbe. They look down at the kids that dont go to Valley View, Sundown, Joe Walker, Del Sur, Quartz Hill High. Not the 93535 the NINE THREE FIVE THREE SIX. The funny thing is that they can even get there city incorparated, Sorry QH Residents R.X is still running "the west side"
Ex1: Person From LA: Hows the weather up in Lancaster

Person From AV: Lancaster, Ha No, you mean Quartz Hill

Person From LA: Watevv.

Ex2: Person from West Side: What part of town do you live on

Person from Eastside: 30th st:

Person from West Side: East or West

Person from Eastside: East

Person from Westside: egh, Oh (walks away)
by JJ770 August 04, 2009
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