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The private part of a males body. Generally used to say at school so you can not get in trouble. It was also created so you an say it and it sounds appropriate and the person you are telling it to will have a general understanding of what you are referring to.
Ex: Suck my quaner Bitch

Ex: My quaner itches
by Quaner bob jr. December 16, 2013
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Slang term for Penis. Similar to Phallis, Member, Dick, Cock, Slong, Wrinkle Rod, Whoopie Stick, Twig and Berries, Knob, Pole, Skin Flute, Fire Hose, Boner, Tool, and Shaft.
Large Cuban Man: "How do you want your quaner sandwich?"
Slave: "Wtf nigga why you take my ass from africa i dont want no sandwich"
Large Cuban Man: "Hope you like extra mayo"
by Big ol' canadian ass nigga December 16, 2013
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