A sport where you run and jump on all fours, like a horse. It has nothing to do with furries, but is commonly used by therians.
I'm so good at quadrobics! I can jump nearly 3 feet high!
by Opalites.territory June 17, 2022
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Quadrobics is a lesser known sport that basically consists of walking/trotting/running/jumping on your hands and your feet (not knees). Many therians and otherkin do this sport to help connect to their spiritual self, though not all do
They like doing quadrobics on the front lawn
by X._.Feral.Paws.o7._.x March 27, 2022
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quadrobics is a sport that some people do that consists of them walking on all four legs, this can be done because people like therians and otherkin find it comforting, while furries can do it too. everyone can do it.
random person lol: i wonder what quadrobics is, why are people jumping so high on all fours?
some years later

random person again: i wonder how i got into quadrobics in the first place, i can jump high!
by kittykkatlol March 18, 2023
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Quadrobics, also known as Quads, is a sport were you mimic animals movements, usually feline. Quads is done on your hands and knees most of the time, and can be done by therians to connect to their theriotype (doing quadrobics does not make you a therian).
Quadrobics can hurt someone extremely badly if not done correctly. So please be safe if trying.
Guess what! While doing Quadrobics, I jumped three feet, and my form was good!
by no idea what to put lol August 12, 2023
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a sport that consists of walking, running, trotting, or jumping on all fours. commonly used by therians, otherkins or furries.
They are still learning quadrobics, so they need to practice a lot.
by DrxgonScales June 13, 2022
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A construction of multiple beers designed to limit trips to the refrigerator, increase consumption rate, and reveal to the world your incompetent math skills. It is created by positioning three beers into a triangular shape then holding them together using duct tape. The quadrobeer is completed by simply responding "quadrobeer" with no further explanation when someone asks "What is that?"
Coux: What the fuck are you doing, Blue?
Blue: Quadrobeer.
Coux: But there's only 3 beers...
Blue: Quadrobeer.
Coux: You're a fucking moron, Blue.
(Blue begins moping)
by Coux December 5, 2012
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The art of walking on all fours or jumping commonly done by a horse girl or a therian
"Mia does Quadrobics everyone thinks she's weird though (lol)"
by Phrogwithagun July 4, 2020
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