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A construction of multiple beers designed to limit trips to the refrigerator, increase consumption rate, and reveal to the world your incompetent math skills. It is created by positioning three beers into a triangular shape then holding them together using duct tape. The quadrobeer is completed by simply responding "quadrobeer" with no further explanation when someone asks "What is that?"
Coux: What the fuck are you doing, Blue?
Blue: Quadrobeer.
Coux: But there's only 3 beers...
Blue: Quadrobeer.
Coux: You're a fucking moron, Blue.
(Blue begins moping)
by Coux December 05, 2012
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v. the act of committing to several events with different groups of people for the same date and time, then attendingthe event you consider to be the funnest without cancelling on your other plans, therfore bailing on the other friends and events you also committed too
Hey where's Jay he was suppsoed to be here tonight?" "I dunno I think he totally shivved us...
by Coux February 17, 2011
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