QFT = QFE for idiots. Devised by those who lack an understanding of the word "Emphasis". Quoted for Emphasis is essentially the same as Quoted for Truth, only it makes sense. If you are quoting something "for truth", you are quoting it for, get this - EMPHASIS.

'QFT' is usually used by children (i.e, under 13) who have clearly not had internet access long enough. Thus it is usually found on forums with something to do with children's games - namely CS, and various MMOs.
"u suck lol get a life!! u r so awseom lololr lmao"

QFT lol u rok lmao
by Osmodius October 24, 2005
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Quantitative Feedback Theory. It is a theory that describes the use of feedback for control systems. Many control engineering challenges were solved by means of these ideas. The godfather of QFT was Prof. Isaac Horowitz, continuing the work by H.W.Bode.
Flight Control Systems (FCS), wind turbines, smart structures, robotics... are practical examples of applications of QFT-based designs.
by Igor Egana November 16, 2005
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Quite Fucking True. used in internet forums to agree with an idea or suggestion.
Rap doesnt make kids sell drugs. kids know that drugs r expensive so they will make lotsa money

QFT!!! i makes all my money on drugs
by Guadalupe August 08, 2006
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1. Quoted for truth; used on forums to show one's agreeing with another.

2. Quit fuckin' talkin'; used on MMO's to make retards shut the fuck up.

1. Kid 1: I r dum..

Kid 2: QTF

2. Kid 1: omfg i hate this game.

Kid 2: ...

Kid 1: So many idiots.

Kid 2: ...

Kid 1: i think they ish hackorz.

Kid 2: QFT!
by KevinGe July 15, 2009
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