A papeing delicious meal that can satisfy the hunger and taste buds of any normal man. Only few men possess the power to eat more than one pzone in one meal. Be warned that the 5 cheese pzone is extraordinarily dangerous to ones bowels and health.
(On Facebook)

Yoleida: Hola Barry

Baarry Bonds: Make me some nutella pzones for when i arrive

Yoleida: Autorización, tengo que vender a mi familia a la esclavitud para conseguir los ingredientes, pero cualquier cosa para barry honorable enlaza

by The one and only SHWES March 21, 2009
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The act of pure awesomeness. It is the next level of owning, higher than pwn.
Guy:"Holy shit! Jim just knifed 3 guys at once!"
Friend:"Man, he's pzoned this map!"
by 7ehr0x0rz March 12, 2006
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If somthing is much, MUCH cooler or better then something else and it is very obvious that they are.
"are you kidding me? chocolate ice-cream PZONES vanilla"

"Whats better, Star Wars or Indiana Jones"
"You've got to be kidding me, Indiana Jones PZONES Star Wars"
by anti-citizen June 22, 2005
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