As in trying to set two people up to date each other
Girl 1: girl your cousin fine asf

Girl 2: girl let me pyd with him
by crack4vegas March 15, 2021
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Put You Down - This is from Justin Bieber's stupid song where he is promising a girl he's gonna put her down (fuck her) but in reality he is only talking to his hand, and he then succeeds - he realizes he will never fuck a girl and he put's it down.... This can be said to a girl to let her know what your about.
Boy: Girl imma PYD.

Girl: No one needs to know that you masturbate....
by Sue-doe-nim November 19, 2013
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Pull(ing) Your Dick. Similar to sitting on your hands, not contributing, or just plain fucking off. Often used to describe actions of a useless team member or friend.
Are we hanging out, or are you just gonna PYD all day?

I was getting real work done while you were busy PYD.

You can sit around PYD later; right now we have to go!
by Hav0k86 September 11, 2020
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pizza you down? the act of texting a friend or boyfriend 'pyd' is a simple way to ask if they wanna get pizza with you.
Ethan: PYD?
Josie: yeah. meet me at __________ in 15?
Ethan: see you then.
by PAY.MY.BAIL February 1, 2017
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Hey Rick! Would you get off your lazy ass, stop PYD and actually get some work done? Jim and I don’t have all day to wait for you?
by Terd Fergesen September 11, 2020
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