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The act of chopping someones genital area with your hand; this usually occurs due to anger, you will however feel bad afterwards.
Stephen: You're so lame...
Lily: I'm gonna pussychop you!
Stephen: YOU WONT!!!
Lily: *pussychop*

Stephen: *crying*

Lily: Aww honie, im sorry *hug*
by PromKingBchs June 05, 2010
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Instead of a woman shaving everything except a landing strip, a woman shaves just a landing strip and leaves everything her pussy, chops.
This bitch was a Hardcore Biker, she even had those pussy chops!
by Chop'r June 07, 2010
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A slang term used to refer to a woman's vagina. The descriptive word "chops" attempts to portray the characteristics, visual and otherwise, of the vaginal outer labia. The word "pussy chops" is often intended to create laughter or to emphasize the sexual nature of the subject matter.
Wow, look a that brunette across the room. I'd sure love to do her pussy chops!
by Babbage June 08, 2006
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1. A term of endearment referring to a female who has lovely chops, which are the outer labia (otherwise known as the labia majora).

2. A derogatory term used when yelling at a female. Refers to the pig-like characteristics that female has (hence the chops).

3. An unshaven vagina, similar to muttonchops, but south of the chin.
1. We love you, Pussychops! All night long. Oh, how much did you want for that favor? Only $2.00? Sounds good to me.

2. I hate you, pussychops! You're such a damn pig!

3. You need to shave, your vag is starting to look like pussychops.
by FlyingAsian August 14, 2009
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