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The second unit of the trifecta of the "Three P's Between the Knees." This area, also known as the "gooch" is located immediately adjacent to the pecker (or pussy) and the pucker.
"Hey you punger!"
"Imma punch you in the punger!"
"Sights set on punger!"
by Mysterious Stringbean May 09, 2010
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PUNGER (noun) - a small joke, usually a one-liner, and in many cases just outright silly, meant to make one smile, or stop negative ideas.
Fred was looking sad so I threw a few pungers at him to wake him up.
by HairyMelvin May 26, 2016
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Huge saggy tits - usually on women over 45 years old
I want to blow my man custard all over that chicks pungers
by Bruce Cook February 02, 2004
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pregnant hunger-- a very special kind of hunger only experienced when growing a human.
Jane had to make an emergency pitt stop at drive thru as her feelings of punger were overwhelming!!
by pregasaurusrex March 17, 2014
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