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Pumpkin Butt: A butt that looks plump like pumpkin, usually while wearing orange shorts.
DWAMM! Look at your pumpkin butt!

I would love to eat my pumpkin pie out of that pumpkin butt!
by Notdoinghw. October 18, 2010
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The voluptuous rear end of a person (esp. of an African-American, Caribbean-American and Latina woman.) May also be used as a pet name for a girl with a well-endowed rear end.
Ricco's girlfriend's pumpkin-butt could not fit into Apple Bottom jeans. Wow, that's pretty big!

Oh pumpkin-butt, I love you.
by Ayesha DeRaville January 16, 2008
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a female who has a huge butt.
noticable and flattering.
briana's butt was so huge that it looked like a " pumpkinbutt".
by Unknown Sandoval December 24, 2007
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some one who has a gigantic butt, that sticks out.
its shapped as a pumpkin.
big and round.

my boyfriend Calls me "pumpkinButt" everytime we talk and he see's it.
by gabes Hyphy Wifey December 03, 2007
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Another word for the most amazing guy in the entire world. Also can be referred to as Nathan, baby, babe, boyfriend, or just wonderful. Pumpkin Butt is the best in all that he does. Pumpkin Butt's mate is Sugar Muffin and they will live a long happy life together. Sugar Muffin loves him more than any other human being out there. Sugar Muffin wants to spend every waking moment with him and fall asleep with him, yet Pumpkin Butt currently lives far far away in the town of the dead. Sugar Muffin can't wait to reunite with Pumpkin Butt and cuddle, and of course, fuck. Yeah, Pumpkin Butt + Sugar Muffin= KINKY MESS.
I love Pumpkin Butt!
by SugarMuffin! September 13, 2011
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