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Nickname for a person with a past or current love of pumpernickle bread.

Also, a vital clue in a game created by The Dot Man.

The clue goes like this:

You've proven your worth. Your reward sits underneath the one thing that is stuck in time - at 8:15 to be exact. Tick tock, tick tock.

Now, lets continue. It's time to arrange your dots and reveal the Master Password.

Arrange them following these rules:
1) Letters can only touch numbers if the number is even
2) The same color dots cannot touch
3) Symbols cannot touch numbers
4) Numbers and Letters must be arranged in numerical and alphabetical order.
Since I knew her nickname was pumpie, I didn't have to ask what kind of bread she wanted.
by le chew April 25, 2010
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Pumpie is a word that is used to describe Vanessa.
There isn't really a description other's HER.

Everything she does, everything she says, she IS Pumpie.
"Oh Vanessa! You're so Pumpie!"
by v. con July 23, 2007
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