A term meaning "hurry up" or "go faster"
You better pump gas on that blunt if you wanna make it to Taco Bell before 2am
by Papa Moyer July 26, 2009
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The action of masturbation.

Can be done to one's self, such as pumping your own gas, or have it done by another, in the action of having your gas pumped.
After she left me for another guy, I had to go back to pumping my own gas to shitty porn.

Last night this chick was pumping my gas, no questions asked.

Pumping gas, we all do it at soome point.
by ives1337 August 9, 2010
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Ajiboye after being dismissed from the team wound up pumping gas. Something which Lane Kiffin prophetically predicted.
by What? What? What? April 11, 2009
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when you commit anal then pee in your partners asshole
Diana let me finish pumping gas into you!
by justicedrizz December 19, 2018
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The action in which you are fucking your bitch in the fucking anus, and then proceed to piss in her asshole.
Hey Ronnie, are you gonna go pumping gas with Ashley tonight?
by Greg Heffley's left nut March 10, 2020
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Where's Beavis?

He's in the bathroom pumping gas
by c0x0r February 10, 2004
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the act of fucking your girl in the ass, cumming, and then proceeding by peeing in her bootyhole.
"Bro, you got with Selena Gomez last night?"
"Yeah man, I was totally pumping gas up in her ass last night."
by chickenparmentierisian September 27, 2019
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