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when someone randomly gets up and leaves for no apparent reason completely unnoticed by the rest of the group
person 1: we were sitting in the park having a great conversation, and then i turn around and he's just disappeared!

person 2: oh, he was probably just Pulling an Ian on you.
by fivemiles44 August 16, 2009
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getting drunk and pissing your pants while crashing on someone else's couch. thus destroying your phone at the same time "water damage."

alternatively, getting drunk and telling a girl you just met that you are in love with her, creeping her out, and destroying your chance with her.
Dude he is totally pulling an Ian, he pissed on Cory's couch.
by WOLFIE_101 October 01, 2011
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Expression used to describe the action of having an all nighter for school.
Preferably Asian kids pull an Ian
Hey man I don't want to talk to you right now, I was pulling an Ian for the AP work
by Fearless Ambassador February 02, 2017
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