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Verb - A phrase used to describe a person or action of such density and/or idiocy that it must be shared with others, commonly through social media. Also see "retard", "fuckwit" and "facepalm".
''I'm pulling an Austin; Jimmy just tried to call himself using his own phone and the people of the internet must be told. ''
by Lasisalunatic May 14, 2013
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1. The act of making your phone ring then answering it, pretending you are talking to friends who are in fact not real.

2. The act of ratting out multiple people in order to save your own ass in a situation where it isn't even necessary.

3. To tell someone they are "Fucked up" when in fact they are completely sober.
Example 1:

*Phone rings*

Person 1: "Hold on guys, I gotta take this"

Person 2: "Dude, there isn't anyone on the other end, he just has no other friends so he is pulling an Austin."

Example 2:

Parents: "We are going to press harassment charges because of that text message."

Person 1: "No, wait, I will tell you who I was with and what I was doing that night, perhaps then it will ease the tension."

Parents: "No need to pull an Austin here."

Example 3:

Person 1: "Dude, you're the most fucked up I have ever seen you."

Person 2: "This is apple juice, and you're really pulling an Austin right now."
by Scoobydog August 05, 2008
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The act of befriending someones gf or ex gf and then eventually telling them that he loves them and wants be with them forever only to epcily fail and get rejected. He also doesn't abide by the Bro Code and has broken just about every code in the book. Such a BRO!!! This is the last guy you want as a friend because he will betray you no matter what. He'll fuck up every friendship you have with girls because he'll be too busy trying to hook up with them. He'll also talk behind your back but when you call him out all he has to say is that he was just kidding
Example 1
Person 1:Dude look at that tool trying to hit on Jason's gf

Person 2:He's deff pulling an austin.
Example 2
Person 1:Look at Austin being such a fool trying to befriend Stacy after she broke up with Bobby. Austin's just desperate trying to get some.

Person 2. I know he's such a tool. Just look at him he look so desperate.
Person 1. Too bad for him he won't even get a kiss. It's what he gets for pulling an austin.
by Jon x2 September 19, 2010
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This is when you have a 100 average going into a final exam for a class and then you choke so horribly on that final that you end up getting a "B", "C", "D", or "F" in the class.
Austin studied so hard for his Psychology exam that he didn't study for Manufacturing and ended up Pulling An Austin.
by Cody Stone December 23, 2006
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Not motivated to wake up for a job or anything important!
Man im drunk so i think im gonna pull a austin today. Or what happened to the new guy β€œoh he pulled a austin” or we are short staffed this week everyone pulling an austin this week!
by Fancy dood January 27, 2018
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