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1. Innocently doing something incredibly painful in a funny way. 2. Doing something outrageously extraordinary with simple things.
Pulling a Bert is riding a bicycle down a hill thru a stack of burning hay bales for charity.

When one slips off a roof while roofing and somehow manages to stop the fall by accidentally nailing one's hand to the roof you are Pulling a Bert.

Only one who is capable of Pulling a Bert would consider Walk UPSIDE DOWN along a suspended beam by repeated sequential lacing and unlacing of combat boots that are nailed along the underside of the beam.

A friend of mine pulled a Bert, he was in a hurry while building a house and nailed his foot to the floor while installing the hardwood floor.

In an effort to surprise a recently found friend one could Pull a Bert by hiding in the overhead bin of airplane and popping out to surprise passengers.

One way to Pull a Bert is to jump of out a second story window with nothing but an umbrella.

I'm going to pull a bert and hand people a beer from INSIDE the fridge.
Our contractor pulled a bert when he cut a hole in a 2nd story floor to install a spiral staircase, while standing in the center of the circle he was cutting.
by Thomas Aquarius February 08, 2010
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